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Great people, great organizational culture and great strategy achieve big goals.   

Let us help you achieve your vision. 

Differentiate your plan while strengthening your team.

Designing Growth and Change


“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”
                                       — GEORGE BERNARD SHAW

The thing about hard things. They're hard.  Sometimes the best next step is to get another perspective and view the challenge from another angle.  Leaders come to us for three reasons:

  1. To address an organizational or business challenge.
  2. To help them capitalize on an opportunity.
  3. To build new competencies for effective growth and change.

We are a boutique leadership development, group facilitation and business growth consulting company.  We make it easy for you to action positive change.  We draw on globally-proven research, insights and behavioural science to help you align people, strategy and your target customers.  Your team knows your business.  We help reframe the challenge and create a roadmap that inspires optimism and confidence.

Contact Kim.  Her approach is practical and based on your unique circumstances.  It begins with a conversation, hopefully over coffee, and a question:  Do you know the change you are looking for or the source of the challenge?  Strategy, organizational change and competency-building that really sticks is art and science.  She brings both to the people-centred project design table.

Group Facilitation


It is nearly impossible for leaders to effectively facilitate an important strategic planning meeting, team retreat or offsite AND effectively participate.  This doesn't mean you can't effectively facilitate someone else's important meeting or retreat.  But for your own, your best option is to hire a skilled, independent facilitator who can bring your team's best ideas effectively forward.  

Our aim is to create and inspire the conditions so that your team can work together with shared understanding on clear, defined goals and achievable plans.

Kim MacDonald is a member of the International Association of Facilitators and draws on 13+ years of group facilitation and adult education theory and practice.  She will:  

  • Engage your participants to design the best process for your goals. 
  • Develop an agenda that is rich, relevant and practical.
  • Enable each individual's full engagement.
  • Create the space for your group to do their best work.
  • Build your team's capacity to take the plan and process forward. 
  • Help the group set itself up for the changes new ideas require.
  • Capture actions and decisions AND other important information for future consideration.
  • Ensure the group's investment of time is time well spent.

Leadership Training


Adaptability, agility and innovation in all its forms is your triple competitive advantage as you execute your strategy.  But how do you maintain those drivers in your success?  We are seeing the organizations we work with working harder to manage two competing interests: effectively manage the present while creating and evolving their future.  

The landscape inside and outside of organizations is changing.  In just one example of this-for the first time in history there are five generations in the workplace. Is your organization actively leveraging all it can from what could be an amazing competitive opportunity?  How can you benefit from everyone in your organization pulling forward together with optimism, confidence and higher trust?

Our unique program of training is based on the needs of Industry 5.0 AND Society 5.0, the new essential skills and competencies for leaders and entrepreneurs. Society 5.0 brings a renewed focus back on people, employee-centred practices and human-centred design.  It calls on leaders to recreate workplaces, culture and strategy to meet evolving marketplace and societal expectations. This environment requires a different set of attitudes, knowledge, skill and rules. 

The speed and success of business's move to Industry 3.0 and 4.0 didn't allow workplaces to change internal practices and ready employees for continuous change even as we integrated new technologies and tools.  Comfort with the new competitive norm of change is now required for all employees within organizations.  

Our leader and workplace training is built from experience in 17 industry sectors over 20 years and supported by published science and evidence-based research on successful, global organizations.  

Check out our training programs via the link below. 

Note: As a special customization to your training, we can add in the EQ-i 2.0 Emotional Intelligence assessment.  The 15 competencies in the proven EQ-i 2.0 model are highly correlated with inspirational leadership, innovative work cultures and creating highly-effective and engaged employees.  And the good news is that these are learned skills that we can all develop and improve!