Strategy + Company Culture is your new Competitive Advantage!

Great people, great company culture and great strategy achieve big goals.   

Let us help you achieve your vision. 

Differentiate your plan while strengthening your team.


Consulting for Change and Growth

The thing about hard things.  They're hard.  Sometimes the best next step is to get another perspective and shine a light on the challenge, from another angle.  Leaders come to us for only two reasons:

  1. To address an organizational or business challenge they are having.
  2. To help them capitalize on an opportunity.

We draw on globally-proven research and insights for both building and aligning strategy.  Your team knows your business.  We help reframe the challenge, inject experience from 17 industries, add new research, and create a roadmap that inspires people to dig in and manage the plan along with the changes that will improve execution.

Contact Kim.  Besides the free advice, which you always get when you call, her approach is to quickly get you and your team positioned for action.


Business Strategy Facilitation

It is nearly impossible for leaders to effectively facilitate an important strategic planning meeting or offsite AND effectively participate. This doesn't mean you can't effectively facilitate someone else's important meeting, but for your own, your best option is to hire a skilled, independent facilitator who can bring all your team's best ideas effectively into your plan.  

Kim MacDonald's facilitation approach: 

  • Undertakes new research if the client needs it to support their new goals.
  • Engages the client's participants beforehand in the program design.
  • Develops an agenda that is practical and manageable.
  • Places importance on enabling the people in the room in understanding new and diverse perspectives. 
  • Engages everyone in the discussion and provides the space and conditions for your best work.
  • Never underestimates the value of the physical space.
  • Helps the group set itself up well for the changes that new thinking and ideas require.
  • Captures actions and decisions AND other important but off-topic information for the leader's future consideration.
  • Ensures the group's investment of time is time well spent.


Leadership Training and Culture Building Camp (Launching September 2019)

We offer a unique program of executive training based on the new essential skills and competencies for leaders and entrepreneurs.  

Evolving societal expectations and a new workplace environment requires a different set of attitudes, knowledge and skill, along with the commitment and confidence to put them to use.   

All group and 1 to 1 training is built on over 20 years of planning and executing business and product growth strategies in 17 sectors.  The work is also supported by intensive evidence-based research on the internal and external factors influencing successful, global organizations.  

As a special customization, we can add the EQ-i 2.0 Emotional Intelligence assessment and coaching we offer into your course.  The 15 competencies in the scientifically-validated EQ-i 2.0 model are highly correlated with inspirational leadership, innovative work cultures, highly-effective teams, and engaged and committed talent.  And the good news is that these are learned skills that we can develop and improve!

Contact us to find out more.